About Us

The Fireworks Shop in Coventry on Holbrook Lane

WhoThe Fireworks Shop is a top quality, fully-licensed and UK-approved fireworks retailer that specializes in events year round.

WhatThe Fireworks Shop of Coventry stocks the full range of premium fireworks from brands like TNT, DEVCO, ROYAL PARTY, COSMIC and BRIGHT STAR that will make your holiday or event special. Affordable fireworks in the UK along with the hottest deals and up to 50% off selected items is what you will find daily at The Fireworks Shop of Coventry!  Let our experienced sales staff customize a fireworks display that meets your budget high or low! Need bulk fireworks? We have exclusive in store specials and deals on bulk pricing.

When: We are open from 9:30 AM until LATE – call for information.


Tel: 07968 551087 Email: info@fireworkscoventry.co.uk